Assay of chloroquine by non aqueous titration

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    Assay of chloroquine by non aqueous titration

    It is the most common titrimetric procedure used in pharmacopoeial assays and serves a double purpose: it is suitable for the titration of very weak acids and very weak bases, and it provides a solvent in which organic compounds are soluble. The most commonly used procedure is the titration of organic bases with perchloric acid in anhydrous acetic acid.

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    Non Aqueous Titration Theory. The need for non aqueous titration arises because water can behave as a weak base and a weak acid as well, and can hence compete in proton acceptance or proton donation with other weak acids and bases dissolved in it. ASSAY BY NON-AQUEOUS TITRATIONS • Acidimetry in Non-aqueous Titrations—It can be further sub-divided into two heads, namely i Titration of primary, secondary and tertiary amines, and ii Titration of halogen acid salts of bases. • Alkalimetry in Non-aqueous Titrationstitration of acidic substances 6. Keywords Chloroquine tablet, Quantitative Assay, Nigeria. 0.1M Perchloric acid as described for non-aqueous potentiometric titrations.

    The Karl Fischer titration for water content is another nonaqueous titration, usually done in methanol or sometimes in ethanol. These assays sometimes take some perfecting in terms of being able to judge the endpoint precisely.

    Assay of chloroquine by non aqueous titration

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  4. Non-Aqueous Titration of Bases with Perchloric Acid. Analysis outlining the method for non-aqueous titration of different bases with perchloric acid in glacial acetic acid using the Schott Instruments TitroLine 7750 Multi-Parameter Titrator, which conveniently combines the features of the potentiometric titrator and the volumetric Karl Fischer titrator.

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    Non-aqueous Titrations INTRODUCTION. Boyle first recorded the insolubility of the water soluble salts in alcohol. In 1912 Folin and Flanders titrated the acidic substances by using the non-aqueous solvents such as benzene, chloroform and chloroform-methanol mixture. Conant and Hall in 1927 described the behaviour of bases in glacial acetic acid. Titrimetric Assay Assay of diclofenac by non-aqueous titration Titre values Table 1 for sample A and the calculation for percent purity are shown below as an example. Samples B to F were similarly treated. The average titre values of 0.1M HClO 4 after titrations for samples A to F, the amount of diclofenac in the sample, percent purity Non-aqueous titrations are widely used in the Pharmacopoeias for the assay of many drug substances based on the properties of the drug which is either weakly acidic or weak bases 7.

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